Get Maddie to Tokyo Worlds!

Maddie + Kate at Worlds 2018.jpg
Maddie (L) at Worlds 2018
3rd at the Minsk World Cup, Belarus
3rd at the Minsk World Cup, Belarus - Maddie 2nd from (R)

We Need Your Help!

Flips & Tumbles is proud to play a part in sponsoring Madaline Davidson to the 2019 World Open Championships and now we want your help!

The GOAL is $15,000!!

Lets get Maddie to Tokyo and help her put NZ on the map!


Maddie passes her knowledge on to the kids working around 10-15 hours at Flips & Tumbles, being head coach of the trampoline programme.

She trains 20 hours trampolining at her club as well as 7 hours fitness/gym work on top of this; she is a very busy athlete!

As well as training, Maddie currently goes to university studying a Marketing Degree setting up her life after trampoline.




2018 saw Maddie and synchro partner Kate take bronze at the Synchro World Championships, then she went on to the semi final round for individual.

She has picked up multiple medals on the world stage placing 2nd in 17-19 Women in 2017 and 3rd in the Synchro Division, Maddie has seen the podium most of her career, picking up multiple golds at NZ and AUS National Championships.

Maddie is an inspiration to the athletes at her club always encouraging them and helping them grow stronger in their sport.


Maddie has a real shot at the 2020 Olympics and World Championships is one of the Olympic trials!


By backing Maddie you will get access to;

  • A Meet & Greet evening held at Flips & Tumbles

  • Photos with Maddie + her medals

  • Listening to her journey + her up and coming competitions

  • Things she has learnt along the way

  • Plus a video of her performances in the past!


This is a great chance to meet and support her as she takes on the world! If you can't make it to the Meet & Greet you will be emailed in detail of her pathway towards the 2020 Olympics!


Help us help Maddie! Go NZ!!