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Classes + Sessions

Check out all the services we have to offer, from Term Classes to Casual Sessions to Private Sessions and Birthday Parties!

If there is a session you're after and you can't find it, get in touch with us and we can make it happen!

Please read the below document for all information on pricing, terms and conditions and more.

  • Term Classes

    Tumbling, parkour, trampolining and more!

    For ages 4.5 years+

  • Toddler Tumble

    A great session for the under 5s!

    An unstructured play and discovery session where you can explore the gear at your own leisure!

    With a coach supervisor to assist as needed.

    We have a variety of gear aiding in the use of motor-skills, balance, flexibility and agility!!

  • Holiday Programme

    Full and half day options.

    Our programme consists of structured sessions, games, arts and crafts and more!

  • Schools Programme

    We have the best portable schools programme in the South Island!

    We can bring all the gear to your school saving you time and money!!

  • Birthday Parties

    Have your party at Flips & Tumbles!! Or we can bring our gear to you!

    We have a few packages to choose from to suit all party needs!

  • Private Sessions

    Have a particular skill you need?

    Book in some private sessions with one of our top instructors to help you on your journey!

    These sessions can be suited to each participant.

  • Open Sessions

    Any age and ability welcome!

    A great chance to play and explore the gear, practice your skills.

    Drop the kids off and take some time off for yourself!

    Coaches will be there to supervise and assist.

    Please Note: these are not taught or structured sessions.

  • Events + Workshops

    We run a range of events and workshops, from general to skill-specific for Tumbling, Parkour and Trampolining.

    We have workshops to suit all ages from beginner to advanced!

  • Adult Classes

    BRAND NEW Adult Classes!!

    Join us to learn a range of skills in Tumbling, Parkour and Trampolining.

    For ages 16.5 years+