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Information On Trials We Offer

We offer trials for our Tumbling, Parkour, and Trampoline classes, as well as Soft Parkour for our 3-5 year old age range.

Book a Trial below and experience it for yourself before committing to the term.

Trials open up the Wednesday before the term commences. We can't wait to see you in action!

Not sure when the term commences? Head over to our Term Classes page and clicking the Term Dates button there.


Important Information

Ready to try our services?

If you decide to sign up for the rest of the term after your trial, visit our reception in-store for a special deal.


Don't miss out on this opportunity!


Trial Classes open from the last Wednesday of each Holiday Programme and close at the end of Week 8 or until classes are full.


Recommended Ages

Need help finding the perfect class for your child?

Simply click on the button below and we will recommend a class time based on your child's age.

If your child loves to do rolls, cartwheels, flips and more, then Tumbling might be the perfect fit. If your child loves to climb, jump and move like a ninja, then Parkour is the way to go! And if your child loves to bounce on a trampoline and learn how to flip safely, then one of our Trampoline classes is the perfect choice.


Term Information

Looking to enrol in one of our classes?

Check out our Term Classes page for all the important information you need, including term dates and class timetables. This will help you make an informed decision before booking a trial class

Step-By-Step Process

1. Select your preferred Trial Class from the tabs/drop-down menu below, then select the day and time that suits you best!

2. Complete all parts of the booking process.

Special Deal (in store only):

If you decide on the day that you would like to sign up for the remainder of the term, your trial fee is deducted off the balance -please see reception straight after class for this to happen.

-Trial Fee is only deducted in-store.

Book Your Trial

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