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Term Classes | Casual Sessions | And More!

On this page, you will find sessions for Under 5 Years, Term Classes, Adult Sessions, Private Sessions, Workshops and so much more!

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Tumbling Classes

For ages 4.5 years - 16.5 years

If your child wants to learn how to do a cartwheel or a handstand or a flip.

In these classes we cover: rolls, handstands, cartwheels and lead into flips, walkovers, aerials and more for ages 5yrs+ as well as offering Teen Classes!


Parkour Classes

For ages 4.5 years - 16.5 years

Does your child climb over everything at home?

Do they wish to be a ninja?

Then Parkour is for them!

Parkour is moving from one point to another as quickly as possible using Parkour specific skills as well as learning flip work that is incorporated into the sport of Parkour.


Trampoline Classes

For ages 4.5 years - 16.5 years

Learn how to use a trampoline safely!

Children will be taken through the basic shapes and movements before moving into the more advanced skills and flip work.

The programme is headed up by Olympian Maddie Davidson!

Maddie has had years of experience not only competing in the sport but also through many years of coaching!



Toddler Tumble

A great roam and discovery session dedicated to the under 5 year olds!


Open Sessions

Join us for an hour of play.

Using our top of the line gear; olympic trampolines, purpose-built parkour area and sprung floor and air tracks!



Does your child require certain skills in their gym or cheer routine or need extra work on their acro skills for dance or they just want extra time on a specific skill?

Checkout the workshops we have on offer!


Adult Class

A semi-structured session for the children at heart!

Play and practice on our gear under coach supervision.

For ages 16.5 years+



Private Sessions

Get one-on-one training with one of our top instructors!

Sessions are custom to the participants attending,


Holiday Programme

Need somewhere to drop the kids over the school holidays?

Look no further than Flips & Tumbles.

We have something to suit everyone!

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